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Deborah Millhouse

More About Debby…

Debby Millhouse is the Owner and President of CEO Inc. She has been honored as one of the Top 50 Most Influential Women by The Mecklenburg Times, inducted into the Business Leader Hall of Fame as one of the top entrepreneurs in the Charlotte area, and given the Women in Business Achievement Award winner by the Charlotte Business Journal.

She is a Certified Staffing Professional (CSP) as designated by the American Staffing Association, Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC) and Certified Temporary Staffing Specialist (CTS) as designated by the National Association of Personnel Services. Her vast experience includes executive management, sales/marketing, human resources, engineering, accounting technology and administrative/office support functions.

Ms. Millhouse’s reputation as a savvy and highly ethical business woman resulted in CEO Inc. being honored with the Charlotte Ethics in Business Award, Charlotte Best Places to Work Award, and recognized as one of the top 50 diversity-owned businesses in the state of North Carolina.


Don Cartwright
Director of Executive Recruiting

More About Don…

Why I do it:

“With 30 years of experience in sales and marketing, it’s just a natural fit to bring people who need each other together. Executive level placement requires a special understanding of company cultures and business models if a truly compatible match is to be made. And there’s an incredible satisfaction that comes from knowing the client has found a great employee and the candidate has landed a perfect opportunity—neither of which would have happened without us.”

Why CEO Inc:

“CEO Inc. is about people, character and helping others both within and outside our organization. There is an entrepreneurial spirit here, yet a team environment with someone always willing to help when needed. These are some of the best people I have ever worked with, all of whom maintain high standards, principles and integrity.”


Don joined CEO Inc. in 2004 after taking early retirement from a 30-year career in the chemical/ PET fiber/recycling business working for Celanese, then Wellman, Inc. where he served as VP/GM of Wellman’s recycling division and Sr. VP of New Business/Product Development. An avid NC State fan, Don got his Engineering degree from State and a MBA from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. He now manages a group of recruiters who concentrate in the plastics, chemical and composites industries and CEO’s company-wide business development effort. Don and his team focus on finding passive candidates who are not actively seeking jobs but are the quiet “rock stars” of their industry. By effectively presenting a client’s company and the opportunity at hand, these passive candidates are suddenly open to the recruiting process. The end result is a win/win situation for both clients and candidates.


Don never misses a NC State home football game and also serves on the NC State Park Scholarship Committee. He’s also a bit of a lawn rat and loves what he calls “yard beautification.” Above all else he enjoys spending time with his three children and his wife of 46 years who he first met in the sixth grade! And their sixth grade teacher said it wouldn’t last.

Tom Gill
Partner/Vice President – Office Services Division and Healthcare

More About Tom…

Why I do it:
“I enjoy the hunt for good talent and the satisfaction of identifying that one candidate that will make a positive difference for my clients. There is an art to making that right connection that creates a win-win scenario. It’s been a good day when I go home knowing that I have put someone to work that can now support their family– or when a client can see objectives being met with the addition of a key employee. Over my career, I have met many people that I can call client and also friend.”

Why CEO Inc:
“Each day I go to work at CEO Inc. I am reminded of what is most important in the work I do and that is helping people. We do a wonderful job of supporting our clients with their human capital needs as well as assisting each individual that walks in our door find their next position. CEO Inc. is a place where lives are impacted on a daily basis.”

Tom graduated from Penn State University with a B.S. in Business Administration and has over 16 years experience in staffing and recruiting working with both small firms and large National firms throughout his career. Prior to joining CEO Inc. in 2004, Tom had his own firm which specialized in Direct Hire Healthcare recruiting. He was able to bring over a lot of clients to ultimately create what is now CEO Healthcare, a division of CEO Inc. He is also recognized as a Certified Staffing Professional (CSP) and Certified Temporary Staffing Specialist (CTS).

Personally Tom enjoys a good game of tennis, spending time with his family—especially taking family vacations– and is active in his church.

Eric Murphy
National Practice Leader

More About Eric…

Why I do it:
“I think what I like most is that this job is different every day.  Every day I talk to such a diverse group of people and each time I pick up the phone I have an opportunity to be a business consultant, salesperson, negotiator, counselor or sometimes, just a friend. That’s actually pretty cool.  It’s just one job but fortunately I get to wear many hats. Most importantly, I get to be myself and be genuine.”

Why CEO Inc:
“Here, there is a real sense of being part of a big family—a family that has your back. I love that feeling. It is a cool place to work with very little tension and definitely drama free! Everyone here gets along well, has a good sense of humor and appreciates the relationships in the office.  Of course like any family, we have our moments, but that keeps it real and we always persevere and solve our problems.”


Eric Murphy serves as National Practice Leader in the Advanced Composite space and conducts searches that are mission-critical and have direct impact on revenue for advanced composite fabricators, engineering services firms and composite material and equipment suppliers all over the country. The companies his team partners with represent some of the fastest growing and innovative U.S. companies in the aerospace, military, defense, energy, medical, automotive and industrial marketplaces.   He is also an active member of the Society of Materials and Process Engineering (SAMPE) and currently serves as an Officer on the Board of Directors for the SAMPE Carolinas Chapter.

Since Eric joined CEO Inc. in June of 2006, he has placed dozens of technical sales, engineers, quality and production professionals at all levels of companies in the advanced composite space and has built an incredible amount of momentum in the industry.    In fact, one of our favorite stories about Eric is when he found a New Product Development Manager that went on a customer visit with his new employer on his FIRST DAY of work.   The President of the company stated a few days later that the New Business Development Manager Eric had placed at the company was the single biggest reason they secured the new customer and $2 Million contract.

Eric describes himself as an “open book” noting, “What you see is what you get. There aren’t really any surprises here.” He enjoys hanging out with his kids, reading, playing guitar and occasionally makes it out to the garage wood shop for a little “building therapy”. Although he does admit, after a long day at the office, more often than not he enjoys just finding a little peace and quiet.

Sarah Fuller
Office Project Assistant/Coordinator

More About Sarah…

Why I do it:
“I’m a people person and this job gives me the chance to do what I enjoy most—meeting lots of new and different kinds of people each day. That makes it fun to come in every morning and something to look forward to for tomorrow.”

Why CEO Inc:
“I love working in a smaller office where everyone gets along and is genuinely interested in each other both professionally and personally. We truly are one big family! I also love seeing the hope and opportunity that is provided to our candidates.”

Sarah graduated from Kent State University with a B.A. in Business Administration and a major in Accounting. She worked for seven years as an accountant then left her career to stay home and raise her children. In 2011, when she decided to re-enter the workforce, ironically she came to CEO Inc. as a candidate. We found the perfect job for her—right here in our own office. Sarah now handles our front desk running the switchboard and assisting candidates as they come for interviews. She also assists with payroll, accounts receivable and accounts payable.

Sarah and her husband are avid soccer and baseball fans and you’ll likely find them at the respective fields cheering their children’s teams on. She says, “Between high school sports and their travel club sports, our weekends are pretty full.” But when she does find the occasional downtime, Sarah loves to work on her cross-stitching which she says is a bit of a personal passion.

Meagan Porter
Recruiting Maven

More About Meagan…

Why I do it:
“I am at my best when I’m working with people– learning about them and helping them solve their problems. I get to do that every day here and I love the challenge of an environment where it’s best to expect the unexpected and roll with the punches. My day is spent consulting clients regarding their present and future hiring needs, understanding the culture they’ve worked hard to cultivated, and then sourcing individuals who stand out among their peers and will bring value to my clients’ business. Frankly, it’s a great job!”

Why CEO Inc:
“There is a level of integrity at CEO Inc. that is extremely rare in today’s business world. I also admire the quality of work that my peers hold each other accountable to. We expect the best from each other. We help each other achieve it and we cheer for one another.”

Meagan attended TCU in the great state of Texas where she majored in Geography. The majority of her professional background was spent in the hospitality industry before making the transition to talent recruiter with CEO Inc. in 2011.

Meagan is what you might call a body in motion. She loves running, biking and taking spontaneous day and weekend trips to explore new places and things. She’s an avid DIYer so you might catch her at home starting any number of new home projects. She also loves meeting new people and for some serious downtime, she can “waste” an hour or two surfing Pinterest.

Caroline Nichols
Accounting and Finance Recruiter

More About Caroline…

Caroline Nichols serves as CEO Inc.’s Accounting and Finance Recruiter. Her broad insights and grasp of the financial industry is what keeps her customers coming back and thrilled with each placement she makes. Caroline says, “I love making the right match the first time, so that at the end of the day everyone leaves happy.” Her professional background includes several years working in the fast-paced world of politics, specializing in fundraising.Caroline earned her B.A. in Public Relations and Business Administration from the University of South Carolina. She’s also an avid horseback rider and enjoys quail hunting and entertaining friends together with her husband Matt. Caroline is ready to bring top tier individuals to your company, utilizing her experience to take your business to the next level!

BriannaBrianna Russ
Executive Recruiter

More About Brianna…

Brianna Russ began her career as a marketing specialist for two financial advisors. After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, with a BSBA, Brianna became an advisor herself, jointly managing over 30 million in assets. With a love of working with people and providing a high level of service to her clients, she moved up quickly to become a local firm’s Marketing Director. During that time, she assisted other advisors to get in front of more qualified prospects while continuing to build her own practice.

Brianna later brought her experience to an independent firm where she focused on Annuities and Securities. She looks forward to bringing top tier individuals to her clients and utilizing her experience to take your business to the next level!

Kelly FellowsKelly Fellows
Strategic Recruiting Manager

More About Kelly…

Why I do it:
Give and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you.
When I connect with hiring managers or prospective employees my goals is to always find a solution that is specifically catered to their needs. Sometimes I educate, sometimes I become a saving grace or sometimes I’m simply a good listener. Either way, my goal is to work together on a plan to find exactly what you need to get you where you would like to go. Over the years, I’ve received help from many successful managers, friends and mentors. Therefore, helping others is not only my passion but a way I can give back.

Why CEO Inc:
Successful leadership, ethics first and a commitment to excellence is why I have joined the CEO team. I choose to spend the majority of my time everyday surrounded by people who make decisions based on what is right and who are committed to success. CEO employees are great people who create great results. I am proud to be on the roster!

Kelly was born and raised in a small Southwest Michigan community where she was actively involved in church and developed a love of sports and competition. Playing sports through college, she eventually went on to coaching high school volleyball and softball. She is an avid volunteer with numerous non-profits and prior to joining CEO Inc., worked for two worldwide staffing companies handling specialized staffing and high volume national recruitment. She is happily married with two young sons.

Taylor PearceTaylor Pearce

More About Taylor…

Why I do it:
“I receive the most out of a job, as well as life, in general, when I can share the interests of another.  When I can establish a connection with someone and turn it into something productive, a certain feeling is produced that, for me, rivals no other.  In our business, forming this connection is a daily challenge that I strive to accept in a genuine and professional manner.”

Why CEO Inc:
“I’ve never worked with a company that is so heavily based upon integrity and teamwork.  We work together as a unit, as a whole, and there has never been an instance when someone’s not on the same page in this regard.  Encouragement is found at every level of the company, and I feel personal achievement is something I would have to absolutely hide from in order to not experience it here.”

Taylor attended Appalachian State University where he received his B.A. in English and minored in Teaching English as a Second Language.  This led him to Eastern Europe where he studied in the Czech Republic and worked in Ukraine.  He lived and taught for two years in Ukraine before returning to the United States in the summer of 2013. The experience gained from his time overseas has helped him in the ability of communicating with others through speaking and listening effectively.

Taylor enjoys traveling and playing sports but, on the other hand, truly savors time spent either over a quiet dinner or simply just being around his friends and loved ones.  Nothing beats rainy Saturdays with a cup of coffee and a crossword puzzle.


Chris Robbins

More About Chris…

Why I do it:
“Every day, a new candidate comes in to sit down with me for an interview. Just the same, a new client reaches out to CEO on a daily basis, seeking our assistance in their efforts to find a solid fit for their organization. It is an honor to be able to foster professional relationships with these clients and candidates and find an answer to their needs. I love atmospheres where I am continually working with new people in new situations and I get to put my best foot forward in an effort to help them. I love the fast pace and the ability to grow with our firm is what excites me most. “

Why CEO Inc:
“In a world that seems to grow progressively less personal, CEO maintains a level of elite personal interaction that is unrivaled in this industry. We are held to the highest standards and are given the tools and encouragement needed to attain our goals. In addition, everyone here is competitive and has their own unique style that makes them phenomenal at what they do. Simply by being around the individuals in this office, it would be a challenge to have a ‘bad’ day at work. “

Chris graduated from UNC Charlotte with a major in Sociology. Since his graduation, he worked as a management professional until his transition into recruiting in 2013.

Chris is a native Charlottean who loves his hometown and the energetic, lively and southern atmosphere that surrounds this city. On the weekends, look for him on any of our local golf courses or at the UNCC football games. He thoroughly enjoys the multitude of dining options in Charlotte and naturally, enjoys running to balance all the delicious food to be found in Charlotte Metro.

Annette Metcalf
Executive Administrative Assistant

More About Annette…

Annette’s professional background includes being the office manager and volunteer coordinator for the non-profit organization Lois’ Lodge.  She has also served in managerial and assistant roles at Church at Charlotte and Bank of America.  She received her B.A. in Business Education from Elon College in North Carolina.