Hiring Speed: A Crucial Component of the Recruiting Process

Clients who drag out the process of hiring and making an offer to recruits are doing a tremendous disservice to themselves, the potential hire and you!  I recently had a company take 11 business days to make an offer after a final interview.  During the 11 days, the candidate had one on-site interview and two […]

CEO Inc. Welcomes Steven Bock

Join us in welcoming Steven Bock to the CEO Inc. team. Steven is a recruiter specializing in the composite engineering field.

He began his career working with engineers at the Ohio Department of Transportation and then had a successful career as a real estate broker and company owner in Columbus, Ohio and Raleigh, N.C. A graduate […]

CEO Inc. President Deborah Millhouse to Guide Job Seekers at Indian Trail Event

Deborah Millhouse, president of CEO Inc. will be the featured speaker at the September 10 meeting of the First Baptist Church Indian Trail New Beginnings Ministry job search support group. Millhouse’s presentation will supplement the group’s discussions about interviewing, networking and emotions relating to the job search.


“It is easy for job seekers to become discouraged. That […]

Unemployment rate for college grads dropped in June

The Bureau of Labor Statistics, a division of the US Department of Labor, published its most recent unemployment numbers for June 2011.  The unemployment rate published on July 8th for June 2011 is 9.2%.  That is slightly up from May 2011 .


This is again where we say, this number may be slightly deceiving.  The […]

CEO Inc. President Shares Power Networking Tips with Job Seekers

CEO Inc. president Debby Millhouse was the featured guest speaker at the June 23rd meeting of Church at Charlotte Employment Network where she presented “Power Networking.” With tips for everyone seeking to improve their networking skills, attendees learned how to gain influence and become more successful by forming strong networks.

Debby explained to the group that […]

Digging deeper into the latest employment stats

The unemployment rate is published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a division of the U.S. Department of Labor.  The rate is found by dividing the number of unemployed by the total civilian labor force.

On June 3, 2011, the BLS published the most recent unemployment rate for May, 2011 of 9.1% (actually it is 9.053% […]

Job seekers should not take the summer off

In this interesting article in The Charlotte Observer titled “Take a break this summer … but not from job searching” by Bobby Sisk, CEO Inc. president Debby Millhouse shares her thoughts about successful job search strategies during the summer months.

“Employers hire all year around – summer, too. It appears to slow down because decision-makers and candidates […]

The truth about manufacturing in the U.S.

One of the more persistent myths about the U.S. is that it is no longer a manufacturing country.  We hear leaders pronouncing that “America’s manufacturing core has been gutted.” There is also the claim that China is now the world’s number-one manufacturing country.
These assertions are false.
Here’s what’s true. Manufacturing in the U.S. has […]

Job search is like dating …

A recent story in the online edition of Forbes magazine compared the job search to dating and quoted Roy Cohen, a veteran New York City career counselor and executive coach, as saying some of the same strategies—like playing hard to get and using impeccable timing—have application in both areas of human interaction. According to Cohen, the job […]

CEO Inc. President Deborah Millhouse Presents Multiple Programs for Job Seekers in Charlotte

Deborah Millhouse, president of CEO Inc., is making a positive impact on the Charlotte community by working with churches and other organizations to guide job seekers towards successful employment. Most recently, she was the featured speaker at the Job Hunters’ Support Group, which meets at St. John’s Episcopal Church on Carmel Road in Charlotte and at […]