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Deborah Millhouse, president of CEO Inc., is making a positive impact on the Charlotte community by working with churches and other organizations to guide job seekers towards successful employment. Most recently, she was the featured speaker at the Job Hunters’ Support Group, which meets at St. John’s Episcopal Church on Carmel Road in Charlotte and at the Davidson College Presbyterian Church Career Transition Support Program, which meets at the Davidson College Presbyterian Church Congregation House on Concord Road in Davidson.

An expert on identifying and evaluating the perfect candidate, Debby shares what recruiters and employers look for in candidates, the way in which they assess candidates, what goes into a good resume, and how to have successful interviewing experiences. She has done a half dozen of these interactive sessions so far this year, and will continue as long as her guidance is in demand.

“It is easy for job seekers to become discouraged. That is why it is so important for them to understand that there are employment opportunities available,” she says. “With the right support and guidance, they will get their careers back on track.”

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