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Posted by Deborah Millhouse, President of CEO, Inc.

It is the employer’s responsibility to form a cohesive and productive team of employees. While many employers have the wherewithal to assemble a group of people with impressive résumés, they often are unable to turn that group of individuals into a team that works together as one. Skilled employers are able to create a company culture that encourages this sort of teamwork.

Here’s how you can do the same.

Consistency. First, make sure that your middle- and upper-level management is on board with your way of doing things, and that they are involved with employee development. Nothing kills morale company-wide like indifference on the managerial level.

Reassess constantly. As a leader within your organization, you have the opportunity to analyze and reassess in-company roles for each employee. Make sure that they are learning and growing as people and as workers, and that they are in the right place. That is, determine whether poor performers are not right for your company or whether they are simply not right for the role you’ve assigned them.

Set goals. Semiannual and annual appraisals are effective methods by which you may analyze both teamwork and performance. Setting midpoint or milestone-based reviews for projects is also an effective method of reevaluating employee roles within the context of a project team.

The key to everything in regards to company morale, growth and development is employer involvement. You must be involved from start to finish. Collaborate with middle management to assess performance, but also to recognize potential for increased productivity through role changes.

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