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By Deborah Millhouse, President, CEO Inc.


It is not enough in human resources and recruiting to hire good employees. We must hire employees who not only bring a good résumé, but who will remain good and productive while with our company. That means that those employees will need training, development and encouragement. You need to be involved with that development. A company culture that does not work does not produce good work. Here are three tips for how to get involved with employee development.


  • Involve upper- and middle-level management in your employee growth and development training process. Nothing diminishes morale like the perception of a disinterested and disengaged management team. When morale dips, performance dips with it, so make sure that your managers are visibly and actively involved with your development programs.
  • Spearhead regular reassessment of in-company roles. Meet regularly with employees to determine whether their strengths and passions are being utilized to their best potential. Use these meetings to determine whether underperforming employees are wrong for your company or simply wrong for the job they’ve been assigned. Set clear goals and hold both your employees and your management to meeting those you’ve set.
  • Collaborate with middle management to assess employee evaluations. Evaluate them both for performance and for potential. Should poor performances automatically necessitate demotion or termination, or does an employee’s performance in certain tasks or on certain projects simply merit a change of position?
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