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handshakeAttracting engineering talent can be more challenging than other occupations because engineers are typically very detailed, like to have the full picture before they make a decision, and don’t want to be “sold”; they want to make a difference. Many other folks can echo similar motivations, but these ideals ring tried and true for our engineers. It is important for your organization to take the following steps to attract engineering talent:

  1. Hire Good People, They Attract More Good People: If there was “EASY” hire button for sale, I’d buy it! The reality is, finding the right people is difficult. It is a recipe that involves recruiting the right person, with a background that meets your needs, that can do the job, who wants to do it and that will grow with your organization. Once you have found these Rockstars, keep them, promote them and show them you value them- or someone else will. It is so important to bring in folks that model the skills, vision and culture of the organization. The right people can propel your business to the next level, can collaborate on massive projects, create new products and masterpieces, land new clients and make a company millions. They will also stand by your company, bring in other great people and they will perpetuate your brand. Great talent attracts great talent!
  1. The Right Company. The Right Brand. The Right Reputation: There comes a time when every recruiter and HR professional asks that magical question: “What company would you love to work for?” and we hear: Google, Boeing, Microsoft, NASA, Coca Cola, well… I want to be a rocket scientist too. Back on Earth, you have to compete against these Giants. Candidates need to be able to research who you are. Have a web presence. Invest in your website; LinkedIn, Facebook and various social media outlets. Candidates are researching you online, long before they walk in the door. Make sure your online presence, accurately represents what you want engineers and new hires to see.
  1. Offer FLEXIBILITY: The Buzzword of the decade! This means a lot of different things, to a lot of different people. It could mean being able to leave if their child has a sporting event, or school play at 3PM, without a guilt trip if their work is done for the day. It could be a flex schedule with 4 – 10’s (work four 10-days) or 9/80 (have every other Friday off). Some companies are moving to unlimited PTO- you take time off when you want, as long as you get your work done and don’t abuse it. With technology advances, work-from-home options are becoming more and more prevalent as well. Engineers love options and they like freedom. They will work hard for you and they like to enjoy the benefits of flexibility, once their work is done.
  1. Make Sure They Are Well Paid: . In this market, candidates are getting multiple offers at the same time and deciding what they want. It may come down to other differentiators, but your offer can’t be below market. You have one shot to make a first impression and candidates aren’t going to make a lateral move.
  1. Show Them How They Will Make an Impact: Engineers like to see how they will fit in the picture of the organization. You can’t send them a job description with bullet points and expect them to jump ship. They need to visualize their impact. “John, when you come on board, you will be part of a team that is instrumental in bringing on 5 new product lines next year. The tests you’ll be a part of, will shape the next generation of watercrafts that will be used in the marketplace. You’ll be able to do buoyancy tests on nearby waterways, collaborate with the engineering, quality, sales and corporate teams and your feedback and designs will shape what goes to market in 2018!” Conversations like these will be immensely helpful in helping an engineer to envision their impact in the organization.
  1. Invest in New Technology: A great engineer might be able to duct tape it together, but you aren’t going to be viewed as a leader if you aren’t in this century, let alone decade without proper equipment. The reason many manufacturing sites have been able to cut costs successfully, is by moving towards lean manufacturing, improving equipment and automation and allowing for a more technical-minded staff. Advances in equipment are driving a more educated, trained and efficient workforce that is producing more product, in less time, for less money. To remain relevant and a leader (in the USA), you must get on board with new technology.

We all know that hiring the right people is critical to an organization’s success. So, make sure you take the time to take the right steps, to get the talent you want in your organization.

If your organization needs assistance in identifying and bringing on board top engineering talent, CEO Inc would be happy to help partner with you on your engineering hiring needs.  Contact us today for a consultation at 888.242.1755.

About the author: Brianna Russ CPC, Executive Recruiter, CEO Inc.

Brianna RussBrianna was born and raised in San Diego, CA. She moved with her family during her high school years to TN and NC and has remained in the Carolinas for over 12 years. As a graduate of the University of NC at Charlotte, Brianna took her degree in Business and Marketing directly into entrepreneurship. She built a successful Financial Service practice offering products from the top Insurance and Financial providers in the world. After five years in financial services, Brianna met the team at CEO Inc. and wanted to be a part of what they do and offer. Being a recruiter has given Brianna the opportunity to learn a new industry, build friendships with some amazing people and learn from an incredible business woman and owner. In 2013, Brianna was awarded with a great honor of being selected as the Rookie of the Year based on early success and production numbers


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