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TimerAccording to company rating and review site Glassdoor, “The average recruiter or hiring manager spends just 6 seconds reading your resume.” With just mere moments to get their attention, what do you have to have in your resume? You spend hours trying to compile years of your experience into just a few pages. Let me help you to gather your thoughts. What are they looking for?  The following are 6 ways to get seen in 6 seconds.

Appropriateness of the Position: When you apply for a job, the recruiter/hiring manager will be looking for a “match” based on keywords. Some examples are titles you have held and how closely they match the position they are searching for; industry, tenure, materials, machinery or software you have used as well as location. If they can CLEARLY see that information is a match, you will be selected to move forward.

Tenure or Appearance of Tenure: Make sure to put your time in reverse chronological order. Group your time with one single company together and list the full tenure, then break out the positions you held there underneath, with each of the dates next to the titles. If you did contract/consulting work, list contract work in one section, with a breakdown of all the contracts and dates in one area.

Keywords: Make sure to review job descriptions of each role you apply to. If you have worked with their specific equipment or software, it should be in your resume. For technical roles, include materials and processes you have worked with. You should include special training and certifications you’ve had, like Lean Six Sigma, etc. Keywords are one of the single most important things to have in your resume, because that is how Recruiters/Hiring Managers search for you.

Accomplishments: Include links to work examples. Highlight or bullet point examples of successes you have had. Growth in your sales territory, money you saved your company, time saved, or waste reduced. Any personal or team success should be added.

Leadership Skills and Abilities: Highlight positions you have held where you have managed people. Note the number of people you managed, size of the facility, etc. If you have led projects, note the number of people in the team and the successes you achieved from leading the project. Also include any special leadership techniques, classes or tools you utilize to motivate your team to be successful.

Physically Appealing: A well-formatted, well-laid out resume will always get attention and help recruiters to get the important information they need quickly and efficiently. Use bold letters to showcase company names and titles. Here is a link to a “perfect sample resume” from Business Insider.

Using these tools and using the information from the perfect sample resume, you will get your time to shine, even if it is only 6 seconds.

If you’re resume is ready to be seen, feel free to take a look at CEO Inc’s open positions for a new opportunity – we would be happy to help.  Our specialty is direct hire placement for senior-level sales, operational and management positions for plastics, composites, textiles and specialty chemical companies nationwide.

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