Color Match Technician  – Charlotte, NC Area


* In process inspection of all dry color and concentrate

* Identification and labeling of all non-conforming product

* Initiate formula adjustments for off color products

* Ensure that all documented procedures are followed

* Operate molding machines.

* Operate hydraulic press.

* Perform quality control testing when applicable (I.E. bulk density, ash test, melt flow, moisture analysis, pellet evaluation, etc.)


* Production color approval

* Color adds as necessary


* Ability to lift 55-pounds

* Ability to lean forward to clean equipment

* Ability to stand for hours at a time

* Attention to detail

* Ability to operate molding machines

* Good math skills

* Superior color vision

* Good communication and analytical skills

* Computer skills

* High school education, GED and/or equivalent                   

Training Requirements:

Quality Manual, Quality Policy and Objectives

SOP 4.2.3 Document Control

SOP 4.2.4 Control of Quality Records

SOP 6.3 Business Continuity Plan

SOP 7.3 Color Matching

SOP 7.3.2 Design Changes

SOP Process Control

SOP 7.5.4 Customer Property

SOP 7.6 Calibration

SOP 7.6.1 Data Spectrophotometer Round Robin

SOP 7.6.2 Tinius Olsen Plastometer Round Robin

SOP 8.2.2 Internal Audits

SOP 8.2.4 Quality Control

Training Requirements:

SOP 8.3 Non Conforming

SOP 8.5.2 Corrective Action

SOP 8.5.3 Preventive Action

WI 0308 Tinius Olsen Plastometer – Melt Flow Test

WI 0311 Lab Balance Weighing

WI 0312 Ash Test Analysis (Muffle Furnace)

WI 0313 Migration/Leaching Test

WI 0606 Boy Molding Machine

WI 0607 Arburg Lab Injection Molder Operation

WI 0609 Hydraulic Press Operation

WI 0610 Concentrate Bulk Density

WI 0611 Pellet Evaluation

WI 0612 Arizona Instrument Moisture Analyzer

WI 0620 Arburg Multitronic Molding Machine

WI 0802 Housekeeping

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