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JOB ID:: BHJOB8536_10122

Title: Color Matcher/Formulator

Location: NJ & MA

Title: Color Matcher


* In process inspection of all dry color and concentrate

* Identification and labeling of all non-conforming product

* Initiate formula adjustments for off color products

* Ensure that all documented procedures are followed

* Operate molding machines..

* Perform quality control testing when applicable (I.E. bulk density, ash test, melt flow, moisture analysis, pellet evaluation, etc.)


* Production color approval

* Color adds as necessary


* Ability to lift 55-pounds

* Ability to lean forward to clean equipment

* Ability to stand for hours at a time

* Attention to detail

* Ability to operate molding machines

* Good math skills

* Superior color vision

* Good communication and analytical skills

* Computer skills

* High school education, GED and/or equivalent       

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