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JOB ID:: BHJOB8536_9762

A Midwestern company is looking to expand their technical team with the addition of an experienced Mechanical Engineer. This person will be responsible for designing custom built machinery that involves rotating and chemical processing equipment. It is critical that this person has been exposed to fabrication and machining methods, procedures and equipment. You will be a critical member of the team designing next generation equipment for customers.



 They have been around for over 100 years and serving 30+ markets nationwide. The company has two divisions: one that provides custom mixing, drying and blending solutions and the other that provides used process equipment with over 15,000 pieces of equipment. The provide custom engineered solutions that are used in a variety of applications. With the continued growth of the organization, they are seeking additional technical talent to provide engineering solutions to customer’s needs.



  • Assists in the design of equipment to meet process requirements
  • Generates general arrangement drawings for approval and shop assembly
  • Generates detail drawings for manufacture and Bill of Materials
  • Supports the Sales staff with customized machinery
  • Communicates with customers and sales personnel concerning parts and other inquiries
  • Enters and follows-up on parts orders and machine components with vendors
  • Researches components such as valves, bearings and drives
  • Performs design calculations including volume, surface area, material thickness, HP and shaft size
  • Reports opportunities for design improvements
  • Participates in intra and inter-departmental meetings



  • Reviews and compares customer’s orders to proposals
  • Researches, collects and records machine component cost by researching past projects
  • Check drawings of other engineers
  • Meet with customers in-house and off site (May require travel)
  • Gather information, and assemble installation and operating manuals
  • Generates lists of recommended spare parts for new machines
  • Generate orders for parts from various sources
  • Generates initial job costing for sales proposals
  • Develops corrective actions for initial designs or finished manufactured components including diagnosis, research and identifying root causes
  • Review vendor performance including quality, execution, on-time delivery, cost, recordkeeping and communications
  • Coordinates project scheduling
  • Supervises machine assembly and assists in running in-house testing
  • Assists Chief Engineer and provides support to other Companies when necessary
  • Performs other duties as assigned



  • Practical application of engineering, science and technology to equipment design
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering with a minimum of 6-years’ experience
  • Knowledge of physical principles and laws relating to solids and fluids and their dynamics, inter-relationships and application
  • Basic electrical concepts including circuits, feedback loops, instrumentation and basic programming
  • Has knowledge of welding symbols and power transmission components
  • Ability to visualizing 3D objects from 2D drawings (spatial relation)
  • Ability to quickly and correctly ascertain the movement of gears, pulley, cams, and levers and recognize the end motion or resultant consequences (mechanical aptitude)
  • Ability to process incomplete, contradictory or ambiguous information, choose the right mathematical methods or formulas, and scientific rules and methods to solve a problem
  • Ability to apply general rules to specific problems using deductive reasoning
  • Ability to combine information to form general rules or conclusions, including finding relationships between seemingly unrelated reasoning using inductive reasoning
  • Knowledge of Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics and their application
  • Experience in the use of AutoCAD (2D), Autodesk Inventor (3D preferred), MathCAD (preferred), Microsoft Project (preferred), Microsoft Office Suite, Microsoft CRM (will train) and Microsoft Dynamics AX (will train)



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