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We’ve all seen the headlines: Millions Out of Work!  Unemployment Over 9%! As the economy and job market continue to face tough challenges it’s easy to get discouraged when in the position of looking for meaningful work. Yet, there are good jobs still out there. Qualified candidates are being hired.  When working with a recruiting firm like CEO Inc., it’s important that candidates truly commit themselves to the process. It takes more than just submitting a resume and keeping your fingers crossed. Take heed and put into practice these six important things to do every day:

  1. The early bird gets the worm. Start early. Wake up, have a good breakfast and put yourself in the proper mindset and impact your day. Get the jump on your competitors being in full swing by the time they’re just having their first cup of coffee.
  2. Read or listen to something inspirational. Wait at least any hour before you allow the world and news to break into your day and your affect your mind. Stay current with important events but feed your mind with positive messages and things that will reinforce your goals.
  3. Network daily! Send something to someone who can hire you. And bring value to those relationships beyond just a typical looking for work spiel. Separate yourself from the crowd.  Stand out in a positive way.
  4. Good things begat good things. Count your blessings and then touch base to say thank you to those who have helped you or given you their time. Handwrite a note of appreciation to someone who has impacted your life, even if from a long time ago. This sadly lost art form makes a big impact.
  5. Plan your day and work your plan! A ship without a captain and a specific course will ultimately crash into the rocks.  Evaluate and set your strategy for the day. Take action on the one thing you procrastinated on first. Be honest with yourself and slay the dragon of doubt right from the start. You’ll be amazed how much this simple task will increase your confidence and empower you for the day ahead.
  6. Most of all, keep at it. Even on days when you feel tired and hopeless, complete your six tasks anyway. Just do it. Fears and doubts are crippling. Don’t let them get a stronghold. It’s okay to feel discouraged at times, but don’t allow your feelings to control your actions.  As a sappy 70’s songwriter once wrote, feelings get “nothing more than feelings.” Actions get results.

Now go make it a great day!

Deborah Millhouse President CEO Inc.


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