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How to Get Seen in 6 Seconds

According to company rating and review site Glassdoor, “The average recruiter or hiring manager spends just 6 seconds reading your resume.” With just mere moments to get their attention, what do you have to have in your resume? You spend hours trying to compile years...

Simple Hiring Plan for 2019

Plan on hiring in 2019?  Try these easy strategies for a simple hiring plan! Despite the recent market fluctuations, the job landscape is still incredibly competitive for good people.  If you tried to hire in 2018, you already know the challenge; and nothing indicates...

Why Should More Women Consider a Career in Manufacturing?

Over the holidays, I had a conversation with a family member about the need for more women to work in the manufacturing industry. Naturally, the question was: “why”? Is it because someone needs more diversity in the workplace? Is it because women have shifted from a...

From our families to yours, we are sending you the happiest holidays greetings and wishing you a wonderful new 2021!

About 8 months ago from CEO Inc's Twitter via Hootsuite Inc.

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