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Every month, CEO Inc. donates a percentage of its profits to a selected local charity—the recipient being chosen by the employees. This month they have chosen to support Playing For Others—a leadership training program for teens that are passionate about the arts.  Each year, PFO partners with another organization in Charlotte that directly works with children with disabilities. Through three main program components; Committee Work, Buddy Program, and the Arts Experience, teens learn the power of passion, the importance of civic responsibility and the acceptance of others.

CEO Inc. president, Debby Millhouse said, “What more important resource is there in any community than its children.  The work PFO does fostering young people towards developing their own inner passions and helping others in the process is exemplary.  We are so proud to be recognizing and helping PFO carry out their mission this month.”

In addition to its monthly company donation, CEO Inc. is also holding “Casual-for-a-cause Friday.”  Employees who make a donation to PFO can relax the business attire and go casual on Friday.

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