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Top Talent Looking for Opportunities

Process/Project Engineer

This engineer holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering from 2013. He has been actively creating work instructions and planning production for all new composite products brought into the facility, working closely with both application and product engineers.

The company is a Tier 1 engineered-composite carbon-part supplier to large OEM’s such as Boeing and Airbus. He is interested in learning new composite processes and working for a company that gives him a more clear growth path.

Currently located in Ohio and growing up in Michigan, he is interested in possible positions at a number of different locations around the US.   Although he has a little less than 2 years of work experience, we really like this engineer because he has demonstrated a “Mid-West” work ethic, an acute ability to stay “hands-on” and has had exposure to a high-pedigree of aerospace companies. We think he is a pretty rare find.


Process Engineer

This engineer is a recent 2011 graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Composite Engineering. He has primarily been responsible for specifying materials, manufacturing processes and driving projects from conception to production.

His experience has been primarily with filament winding, pultrusion, compression molding and other out-of-autoclave processes; using both glass and carbon as the reinforcements. The primary applications have been in the energy industry.

He has very strong communication, interpersonal and excellent problem-solving skills as it relates to composite components.   He is open to moving to a long list of areas within the US. We like this engineer because of his exposure to a broad spectrum of both materials and processes and his ability to learn, adapt and solve a variety of composite manufacturing problems.

Materials Engineer

This engineer holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering from 2004 and is a licensed EIT. Working at a custom designer and manufacturer of high-performance prepregs, he has gained a wide-variety of experience from laying up composite panels, documenting precise resin mixtures, programming CNC machines, leading a team of technicians, assisting in the hiring process and acting as a customer liaison with his excellent interpersonal skills. He lives up to the phrase “wears multiple hats”.

Currently located in Utah, he is open to various locations throughout the US. We like him because of his hands-on type of working style and in how he takes pride in his drive to always improve, not to mention his outgoing personality. He thrives in an environment conducive to both team and company comradery and where creative ideas are always encouraged and heard. All around, well-rounded.

Process Engineering Manager

This engineer holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Composite Materials Engineering from 2002 and is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt. A lean implementation specialist, this engineer leads a team of 6 process engineers and 3 machinists.   He has extensive knowledge in designing lay-up tools as well as laying up prepreg parts with autoclave and oven cures. His company is a custom manufacturer of composite medical equipment. He is open to various locations around the US.

The candidate thrives in a fast paced and efficient environment that is focused on process improvement. He holds a strong belief that teamwork is essential.

When speaking with a professional reference on their current company’s managerial team, it was said that, “When I think about the amount of work he has accomplished, or the range or scope of the work he does, he is valuable well outside of his position. I would hate to see him go.”


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